Why there is more Foreign Investment in Residential Rental Property?

Indian Union Cabinet has passed laws that allow foreign investors to invest in REIT, which is likely to invest in the renting office and retail sector.

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The Golden Rules for Choosing Your Local or Corporate Office

The first thing to look for in your local or office search is Geo location. Simply because if your business relies on selling products to customers, it is important to be located in an area that generates traffic.

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Warehouse for Sale: The Search Criteria not to be Dismissed!

When choosing a business location for warehouse, you need to know the various criteria that are useful when making a warehouse purchase or rental decision.

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Rules of Surviving Shared Office Spaces?

Those who rent an office space in Connaught Place in a business center, and therefore is not only to share the space with their employees, but also with other companies, each with very different needs and behaviors.

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Rental of Fully Equipped Offices: What are the Advantages?

The flexibility of fully furnished office space in Delhi is probably the biggest advantage, with a la carte, monthly or daily rental conditions.

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Office Rentals- An Engaging Choice

The scope of the signing of a sublease contract for office space in Gurgaon is often misunderstood, in particular about the rights created for the benefit of the subtenant.

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