What is Important to Know When Buying/Selling an Office?

If advertising is the face of your company, and employees are the soul, then the office is undoubtedly her home. After all, in the office, your employees spend their working day, in the same place they accept clients, and their clients make an opinion about your company.


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What are the Factors that Affect the Cost of Rental Premises?

The market for retail space in India has been developing rapidly in recent years. In general, the increase in the number of retail space is due to the construction of new shopping centers.


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Types of Warehouses and Storage to Choose

The warehouse is the main component of the logistics system. After all, any product, any product at the stage of movement from the producer to the consumer, requires competent storage in specially designated premises.


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The Choice of Production Facilities: What to Look for?

Most of the industrial premises of Delhi are a legacy of the Soviet era. Often their level and condition leaves much to be desired, and modern production facilities in our city are incommensurably smaller.


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Planning the Profitability of Commercial Real Estate

All managers are well aware that, having lowered the cost of using the building, it is unlikely to save it in its original form, and this threatens the future with decent expenses. Therefore, their reasonable planning is necessary, because without this there will never be any revenue.


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Office Rent- Features of Search in Modern Conditions

It’s no secret that sooner or later, almost every company faces the task of renting an office. There can be a lot of reasons for this: from changing the size of the company, ending with the company’s entrance to a new level and, as a consequence, the need for a more (or less) presentable, and therefore expensive, office.


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